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Accepting the TinaCMS Collaboration Invite

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Before we begin

Accepting the TinaCMS collaboration invite is the first step to managing your website’s content. Follow the steps below to successfully accept the invite.

1. Make a TinaCMS account

By first making an account at, you sidestep all the potential issues of making an account during the invitation process.

2. Click the invitation email

After making an account, I’ll send you an invitation to collaborate. This will be from, so make sure to check your promotions and spam email categories if you don’t see it in your main inbox.

Important: this invitation is a one-time invite, meaning if you open it and close out of it before the process is finished, you won’t be able to open it back up. You’ll need to email me so I can send you another invite email.

Image of the TinaCMS collaboration invitation email.
Image of the TinaCMS collaboration invitation email.

3. Finished

Once you click the Join button inside the email, granted you’re already signed in to Tina, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. You can close this and start editing content.

Image of the TinaCMS organization page after you accept the collaboration invitation email.
The TinaCMS dashboard page.

Next steps

Now that you have a collaborator account, you’re ready to edit content. Read how to edit content in TinaCMS.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.